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With our social media marketing know-how and your dedication to growing your business, we’re confident that we can make your company more profitable. The beauty of social media is that with the proper strategy, even small business can go head-to-head with their deep-pocketed competitors. 

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Our Services


Social strategy & Consulting

We custom build a strategy for your company to fit your specific needs. With our comprehensive multi-point plan, we guarantee more leads and greater brand awareness.



We will fully analyze all current and potential future social channels and manage them in order to increase awareness and engagement.



We'll teach you how to create the right content for each social media channel. It's more of a science than an art and we know what works best!



Generally, we try to reach new customers organically, but sometimes you need an extra boost. We A/B test social ads for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to get you the highest possible return on investment.


We know how to build a beautiful website! We will create you a brand-new site in order to improve your SEO (search engine ranking) and funnel customers to where you want them the most. By using Google Analytics, we will suggest where you should improve your website in order to get you the most customers possible. 



Photoshop and Illustrator are just a few tools in our arsenal. We have been doing graphic design for over a decade and can make your company shine with a new or updated logo and/or branding package.



Animations can really help explain what a company is about in the most simplistic and visually impactful way. We have created videos that have been wildly successful for our own brand and guarantee they can be just as useful for yours. Watch some of our videos here.

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We understand that many businesses don't have a lot of time or money to invest in digital marketing.

Every project is going to be priced differently, but we try to maintain these prices:

  • Basic website design (4 pages or less) = about $2k (including graphic designs)
  • Manage social channels (up to 3 accounts) = $3k/month
  • Company consultation = $85/hr

***Again, these are rough numbers to just give you an idea, but everything is negotiable***

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Our experience with Founding City was nothing short of awesome! Chris was so enthusiastic and eager to help us navigate our way through the social media maze. He helped us realize the importance of a strong social media plan across all sales channels. With his help, our audience grew and our ads became more effective!! He helped us feel less confused in a space that can be very scary and overwhelming...thanks Founding City Social for making it so much easier!
— Maureen Coyle, Co-owner
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I was building my online persona from the ground up and needed some help. Founding City Social assessed my situation and wrote me a detailed report with recommendations. When I implemented their suggestions, I saw immediate results with the number of job leads that I was receiving. They are a fantastic asset to have!
— Xevi Roca, Owner

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As a new small business owner on a strict budget, Founding City Social provided the exact service I was looking for. I was most impressed by their creativity, open and available consulting style and most importantly PRICE POINT. Founding City Social is one of the best options for new entrepreneurs looking for quality professional services.
— Patricia Carroll, Owner
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Founding City Social developed a plan for our team to streamline the process to make it as easy as possible for everyone while giving us, the owners, the final say. They taught us about aspects of social media that we weren’t aware of and were great at showing us the ropes. We loved working with them!
— Melanie St. Clair, Co-owner
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For a limited time, we are offering the first week of social media services free of charge for new clients that commit to a 3 to 6-month contract.

Zip! Zilch! Nada!

Why, you ask? Well, we want to convince you of how well our services will work for you. We would love to assist you with your next project, whether it's a website update, logo, branding, or a full digital marketing overhaul.

For an instant quote, please fill out the form below so our team can get to work on fulfilling your business goals! To get your first week free, be sure to mention it in the message below:)