Founding City Social

Case Studies

Right here you'll find a small sampling of companies and projects--both past & present--that we've been involved with.


Social Threads

(work provided: social advertising, graphic design, online marketing, website redesign)

This high-end outlet for women's fashion worked with us in order to build their brand online, specifically on Facebook & Instagram. Within the first 2 weeks of collaborating, page likes increased by 30%, engagement grew 244%, and clicks to their call-to-action (shopping) button surged 65%. Revenue from Facebook alone shot up 5x from the previous period!

One of the projects we developed was the #SecretSocial Mother's Day ad campaign. Within each image (including the photo above) is a hidden message with a discount code. Users must take a screen shot or save the photo and then reopen it in Instagram. Once in Instagram, the user must play with the in-app filters to reveal the secret discount code. 

Founding City Social introduced us to the importance of having a strong social media plan. They helped us differentiate between all channels of social media (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) and have a clear consistent voice while offering different reasons to follow each channel. Chris has such an enthusiasm for his business and quickly became an integral and fun part of our team. Our sales increased with targeted Facebook ads and our social media following grew with more consistent and targeted posts. We learned so much from working with Founding City Social that we use on a daily basis in our current social media strategy.
— Sara Reardon, Co-Owner of Social Threads

Abbie Live belive.jpg

Abbie Live

(work provided: logo & branding, web design, social advertising, online marketing, graphic design, marketing consultation)

Abbie Boudreau is an Emmy award-winning on-air news personality that has worked for CNN and currently works for ABC on their Nightline and Good Morning American programs. Her goal was to build her brand online from scratch so we conceived the logo, Facebook and YouTube cover art, Abbie Live website, a social media content strategy, and monetization plan. Her concept was to reach people online through her live video sessions on Facebook and YouTube and build her fan base.

A lot of people claim to be social media pros these days, but Chris is the real deal! Not only does he work with me to achieve my short and long-term goals, he also teaches me technical on-line skills in a fun and empowering kind of way. After only two months of working together, he has helped me create a growing community of fans on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. His skill set as a creative consultant and graphic artist, along with his technical background make Chris one of the best in the business! And most importantly, he makes everything fun!
— Abbie Boudreau, Founder of Abbie Live!

Since starting in early February of 2017, her followers on Facebook and Instagram have become highly engaged fans that regularly comment, share, and like the majority of her posts. The technology used for her newly created live interview segment, (pictured above), was discovered by us and has played a huge role in reaching and engaging with new fans. We continue to search for new technologies to keep up with Abbie's highly creative mind and regularly consult with her on social marketing strategies. 

try high speed

High Speed Delivery

(Work provided: whiteboard animation)

We created a very entertaining and informative whiteboard animation for this burgeoning marijuana delivery business that operates in several cities across the United States. The challenge was to create a video that captured the audiences attention long enough to help them through the process of ordering their goods. For first time purchasers it can be a confusing process, but through our video, we helped supply the necessary information to each customer in the shortest amount of time. In turn, we helped decrease the amount of time spent replying to confused customer emails and increase the amount of time spent focusing on profit making goals.

facebook cover art.jpg

Round Robin Music Learning Center

(Work Provided: Everything from the Bottom to the top)

Considering this was a brand new business, there was nothing that this small, local business didn't need. From website creation, SEO, Facebook and Google Ads, marketing materials, logo & branding, graphic design and animation, we did it all! The problem that we struggled with was creating a space for this company in a slightly saturated, yet niche market. So, naturally we focused on brand awareness and creating impressions.

We wanted to reach as many potential customers as possible in a 5-mile radius. So, we created marketing materials like square flyers with discount codes, sticker logos, Round Robin branded maracas, and posters to be hung at local schools and other small businesses. While Round Robin's owners hit the streets handing out their marketing materials, we worked tirelessly on a series of animations to advertise on Facebook to get their target audience talking. Between our traditional marketing materials and our digital efforts, especially via Facebook, we were able to fill up their enrollment in less than 8-weeks. It was a marathon that we ran like a sprint and it paid off! Within 2 months, we created a fully functioning website, well designed marketing package, animations, and a complete digital strategy in order to make Round Robin a leader in the children's music industry! It performed beyond our expectations and their business continues to thrive to this day.

gray mountain productions website
gmp logo

Gray Mountain Productions

(Work provided: Website design, logo & branding)

This D.C.-based media company is involved in the high paced world of TV entertainment. Founder, Xevi Roca, shoots and edits every type of project from corporate meetings to TV news and everything in between. Our challenge was to create a solid web presence where Xevi could spend more time deciding which projects to tackle rather than wasting time looking for new clients.

First, we created a new company logo (similar to his previous one). He is originally from a small region near Barcelona, Spain where the Gray Mountain is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Bearing that in mind, the mountain with the castle affixed to the top was a no-brainer. Keeping this familiar identity was an important aspect for Xevi, so the real challenge was finding a font that fit the image. Within a few hours, we decided on a look and feel that would translate well, big or small. Pictured above is the final result that we were all very pleased with. 

Next, we worked on his website from scratch. Keeping in mind that his business is primarily video, we wanted to keep that at the forefront. After a short bio, you will find a slideshow of some of Xevi's best work (both shot & edited by him). We were intent on making sure any potential customer found his work, services provided, rates, and a contact form. Simple, yet incredibly effective!

After speaking with Mr. Roca recently, he stated confidently that he had no shortage of projects to work on and he often gets referrals from his website. Problem solved! 

Good Time Fronto

(Work provided: website design, graphic design, 360° product photos)

This all-natural tobacco supply company contacted us in order to create an online storefront that could kickstart their sales. Understanding the tobacco supply space, e.g. lighters, hemp, tobacco leaves, pipes, etc. we knew that they needed a unique angle to their page due to the huge amount of competition. Fortunately, we had access to Foldio360 which creates interactive 360° product images. You can view (and rotate) the above images to see for yourself how fantastic this function is, especially for products that have large amounts of detail. We are ecstatic with the final results and are happy to say that their website has seen a huge jump in audience visits thanks in large part to our complete SEO checklist.