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Why It's More Important To Be A Boss At 1 Social Platform

Stay calm and take a deep breath. This whole social media frenzy is not your enemy. When used properly, it will become your greatest asset.

It's almost 2018 and there is no denying that social media has changed the face of our culture, from how we communicate with one another to the way we shop for clothes. From a small business perspective, keeping up with social media changes is a daunting task. That's why many businesses don't even bother keeping up because the perception is that it takes too much time and effort and the return on investment is intangible. 


What many solo entrepreneurs and small businesses fail to realize is that there is nothing that states that businesses must master every social platform out there in order to be deemed a success. Quite the contrary. @@It's more important to find 1 platform that has the best likelihood of grabbing the most engaged audience.@@ Notice, there is no mention of large audience, just engaged audience. That's because having a large audience is nothing more than "social proof." It's the equivalent of a peacock spreading its tail feathers to show off its impressive colors. Not to completely write off social proof because it does add some value like unlocking helpful advertising features on Instagram, earning a coveted blue check mark and adding the title of "influencer" to some users, but many marketers are moving away from these so-called vanity metrics into more meaningful data analytics.

That feeling you get when someone finally calls you an "influencer"

That feeling you get when someone finally calls you an "influencer"


 An important take away for any business is to find your audience and cater to them and their desires. For example, you sell handmade wood carved earrings at a flea market every other weekend. If 80% of your customers are young college-aged women, it's a good bet that you will find similar customers on Snapchat or Instagram. Why? It's simple. Both platforms attract a younger crowd. So why waste your time on Twitter when no one will be buying your products there.


Remember, there really are no rules here. Sometimes it's better to start with your egg in one basket. Just one! Try to put all of your efforts into making that platform special and unique. Then engage with your followers and people who like your posts. Building a community on a single platform will give you the confidence you need to branch out to other platforms (and perhaps you won't even need to). There are plenty of people that are "Insta-famous" and have a huge following on Instagram, but no Facebook fan base. This is not abnormal. 


Don't stretch yourself thin or psych yourself out. You just have to start. Once you find your groove and settle into it, every successive post will reach more people and you'll begin to gain more popularity. If you think that you can post multiple times to several different social platforms daily, good luck! That is an intimidating task for anyone (unless you're a social media manager and that's your job). You should keep your goals somewhat attainable, otherwise, you'll get squashed under the pressure of posting.

If this guy can find his groove than anything is possible! (Photo by    Helsinki City Museum )

If this guy can find his groove than anything is possible! (Photo by Helsinki City Museum)

Own it! Be a boss at either Twitter, Instagram, Facebook...whatever! You'll find that your chances of success will jump up exponentially.

-Chris Parks