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The 2 Major Factors That Will Make Your Blog A Success

This is going to be an especially short blog post (1-2 minutes), mainly because there isn't much to say. This post will be the equivalent of a Dr. Seuss book: entertaining and easy to read (but no rhyming, sorry).

So let's just get right to it. The 2 major factors holding you back from making your blog successful is simple and it mainly has to do with the marketing aspect. You are confident that your content is highly clickable, but you're just not seeing the number of pageviews that you were hoping for. Well, that may be easy to troubleshoot. I'm going to guess that either your headline is weak or your accompanying photo is generic. 

That's it! Okay, thanks for stopping by!

Just kidding, let me dive in a little deeper. We all have something to give to the online community, whether it's a life-size sculpture of an obese Arnold Schwarzenegger, 55 gallons of lube, or a human-sized hamster wheel, we all have something of value.

There is no way I'm investing $1,500 on a barrel of lube without a lube pump... oh wait. Ok, nevermind.

There is no way I'm investing $1,500 on a barrel of lube without a lube pump... oh wait. Ok, nevermind.

Social media icon Jeff Bullas is one of the best at displaying his strength at creating mouth watering headlines with eye-catching images. 

The combination of an enticing headline with an intriguing graphic makes it difficult for someone scrolling through their Twitter feed to not click on Bullas' article. Now, behind that headline and graphic needs to be great content, otherwise visitors will feel duped. The one thing you want to avoid is clickbait. People hate clickbait. Repeat, everyone hates clickbait! Don't fall victim to the idea that your headline doesn't have to 100% represent your article. Of course it does! No one wants to feel misled. So take my advice, bookmark Headline Analyzer, which is an amazing tool for crafting your headlines and download some smartphone or desktop apps like Brandr, Pablo, Font Candy, etc. I guarantee the combination of great headline with an amazing graphic is unbeatable. You will most definitely see more engagement this way. Also, don't be afraid to repost your evergreen content. Brandr is especially helpful for recycling great posts!

So don't wait! Start creating and be as creative as your imagination will allow. It will pay off in dividends. Guaranteed!

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