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Engagement: The "Not-So-Secret" Secret To Social Media Success

There is really no secret here; you either A) want to find success on social media or B) you don't. Engagement is the most difficult part of the social media marketing process because your fans don't sleep, so neither can you (well, at least until you hire an intern).

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Mistakes Made: Confessions of A Social Media Marketing CEO

Being a small business owner of a social media marketing agency is one of the most difficult tasks I've undertaken in my entire life and I'll be the first to admit that I've made plenty of mistakes along the way. The difference between success and failure is how you choose to deal with those mistakes. I've chosen to learn from them and move forward. 

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8 Infographics That Will Make You A Savvy Digital Marketer

Infographics are probably the most easily digestible form of disseminating information to the masses. Considering the majority of the general population are visual learners, it's no wonder that hoards of internet users reference infographics when composing tweets, Facebook posts, articles, blogs, journals, etc.  

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The Danger Of Not Using Social Media Marketing For Your Business

If you haven't had a chance to read any articles describing in detail the huge benefits within social media marketing, you've been living under a rock. 2016 has seen big changes in not only how these social media platforms are paving the way for advertisers, but also in how advertisers are changing their tactics in order to appeal to their target demos.

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6 Social Media Tips to Earn You More Money

If you are a company, especially a nonprofit seeking private donations, you have to be as see-through as plastic wrap. People want to know who you are, what your backstory is, where the money is going, etc. People want to see pictures, stories, and videos of the journey. Don't leave your donors in the dark.

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