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How To Properly Prepare Your Small Business For Success

Whether your business has been established for years and is well in the black or was just created yesterday and is thousands of dollars in startup debt, any business of any size can become more successful with a solid strategy set in place.

Being organized as a small business owner is key to your overall success. Failing at the beginning stages of building your business to properly prepare your documentation in order to really understand who your customers are versus who you think they are could mean the difference between a win or a flop. Don't be a flop! Be a winner so that way you can spoil yourself with your riches!

What I'm mean by properly preparing your business, specifically in terms of marketing is:

Conduct a full digital audit

Know everything about your company that exists online. You don't want any nasty surprises down the road. For example, your company's Twitter handle is @SmokeyJoesBBQ, but someone also has @SmokeyJoes. Decide whether it's worth changing your handle in order not to have confused customers travel to @SmokeyJoes Twitter page instead of yours. It seems minor but could prove to be costly down the road. Distance yourself from competitors AND confusion!

Create a customer persona

I keep my customer personas in my work bag at all times.

I keep my customer personas in my work bag at all times.

Actually, make 3 different customer personas. How about 5 instead? The more customer personas you have, the better for you and your company. This step is hugely beneficial when trying to ascertain where to spend your marketing and advertising budget. It's already going to eat up a chunk of your budget, so spend it wisely by truly getting to know your potential customers.

Draw out your own sales funnel

I also keep my sale funnel in my work bag, too! #nerdalert

I also keep my sale funnel in my work bag, too! #nerdalert

Not sure how to do it? Neither did I at first, but it's real easy and has been a huge help in attracting more clients. Now the funnel that I use is probably different than what a lot of other marketers use because I'm more focused on social media marketing than traditional marketing. What makes digital marketing so unique is the immediate analytic data that's only a few clicks away. I'm nothing without Google Analytics and Facebook Insights! 

Track your competition

Find out what they're doing online that works well and resonates and use that to your advantage. Did you hear about how Instagram basically took Snapchat's entire platform by creating Instastories? Is it stealing? No one was sued so I guess not, but they took what made Snapchat great and made it better. Apply that same principle to your own business. It'll work if you make it unique and make it fit within your brand and image.

As an owner of a small business, it's important to plan ahead. Like, wayyyyy ahead! Using these few simple steps listed above will put you in a more comfortable place both strategically and financially. Just don't wait to long to act because the sooner you do, the quicker you'll see returns.


Once you've completed the above steps, move on to building your audience, which I cover in my vlog below...