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How To Balance A Full-Time Job & A Side Hustle

Going with the "All In" mentality doesn't work for everyone. Having a plan that outlines success for your particular journey is essential.

There are a lot of experts out there that say that their tried and true methods will guarantee financial success, but what is often left out is 2 core ingredients: time and money.

Huge profits are what many of us strive for and how others measure our success. It's a great motivator when you see that your product is popular. A high demand for something that you produce makes you feel validated in many ways. It's a moment where you can say "IT'S FINALLY WORKING" and let out a huge sigh of relief. Making a living from doing something that you love is not only the American dream, it's a universal dream.

It often takes a long time to get to that "IT'S FINALLY WORKING" moment. Maybe 6 months...1 year...or maybe even 4 years. Headaches and anxiety will come and go, so have some Tylenol (and your prescriptions) within reach. What's great about having a full-time gig while simultaneously running your side hustle is that you can fund your side hustle with whatever money you're receiving from your full-time job. You will have to sacrifice your time because you're essentially holding down 2 jobs, but at least you won't have to worry as much about when the next paycheck is coming. That is a major plus in my book!

How does someone make this dream a reality, though? In my case, it's a matter of working a full-time job that can bankroll my side hustle. There is a definite pressure that is taken off when you know that regardless of how terrible your side hustle does for that month, you'll still be getting a steady paycheck with decent benefits from your full-time gig. Some would argue that you are not fully dedicated to your side hustle unless you fully commit 100% of your time and effort into it. Well, let me be the first to say that I sacrifice a lot of time in order to make my side hustle work. I spend at least 40-50 hours a week on my side hustle. I would call that commitment, wouldn't you? I spend hours before and after my full-time job every day working on graphics, editing vlogs, and shooting new content. I would argue that I am in fact, "All In". While you will have to sacrifice the extra time you used to have before your side hustle, you can rest assured that money will at least continue to come in from at least one source.

In conclusion, you will have to work harder and longer hours, but you will probably feel much more at ease knowing that you have a constant stream of money and benefits rolling in. This philosophy won't fit everyone, but certainly, if you are scared of taking a huge leap into the unknown, then this plan may fit you best.