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6 Social Media Tips to Earn You More Money

I live in D.C., work in D.C., and spend a lot of time moving around D.C. I love this city for so many reasons, but mainly because I feel like I get as much as I give.

Living in the Nation's Capitol is not cheap (especially if you have kids), but there are free things to do like museums, the National Zoo, and hiking through Rock Creek Park. I believe my loyalty to this city (although I was born and raised in Maryland) comes from the mere fact that I get so much in return from living here. The ROI is huge! Despite not having voting representation in the House and Senate (*sigh*), my wife and I regularly pinch ourselves for living in a city that is so culturally diverse. 

That is why I decide to give back by volunteering my time at a nonprofit organization. The principles are the same when comparing volunteering to social media; you can't--or shouldn't--continue to take unless you often give back. People don't like takers, but they love givers!

Here are 6 tips that you can use to increase awareness for your cause and ultimately earn you more donations in the process:

1. Transparency

If you are a company, especially a nonprofit seeking private donations, you have to be as see-through as plastic wrap. People want to know who you are, what your backstory is, where the money is going, etc. People want to see pictures, stories, and videos of the journey. Don't leave your donors in the dark. They contributed their money, so the least you can do is offer them some useful or entertaining insight into your campaign. Remember, people need to trust you before they willingly give you money.

2. Emotional Attachment

People need to be emotionally invested in your cause. Tell personal stories and find a way to connect with your audience in a real interesting and emotional way.

3. Ease Of Donating

DO NOT make donors fill out multiple pages of documents, making them feel like they're about to be spammed for the rest of eternity. They want to get in and out as quickly as possible. If your website doesn't allow for an easy transaction method, then it's time to revamp your donation page. More importantly, do not make people sign up for a new account to some third-party application. That is a total turn-off!!

4. Attractiveness As A Small Charity

People are becoming less trusting of big corporate charities. Use that angle to your advantage.

5. Urgency

"Give now to help Jimmy get out of the cold!", "Help Bob receive his medication today!", "You can help Susan become independent today!", etc. Urgency can be a huge motivator for people who are on the fence about donating. 

6. Simple, Yet Informative

Don't make your website so complex that users can't figure out where to donate. In fact, you should incorporate a "DONATE" button directly on your homepage and make sure that it is optimized for mobile so that is the very first thing that visitors see upon arrival. If they land on your page and see a large, "DONATE" button, you have removed all of the guess work for them. They obviously came to your site for a reason, which is most likely to 1) learn about your organization and 2) ultimately donate. So, give them what they want. Teach them about you and how they can help your cause. 

-Chris Parks